Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Museum of Art @ USM

            At the University of Southern Mississippi, students have access to their very own art Museum.  The Museum is full of regional and international artworks.  In the museum, you can find the masterpieces of teachers and students of this major alike.  Also, galleries and larger museums loan artworks to the Fine Arts Department, so that the students of Southern Miss can enjoy and learn about famous art.
            The Art Museum is home to traveling photography shows that are representative of the culture of southern Mississippi:  Faces of the Freedom Summer, Photographs by Herbert Randall and Drawing on Katrina:  Mississippi Children Respond to the Storm.  While I have no doubt of the validity of the other art projects, I think that these traveling shows are especially representative, because they are particular events that only a person living in our area would be able to fully describe.  The traveling shows represent our Southern Mississippian culture.
            The Museum of Art was developed in 1997.  The latest changes to the museum since then are extensions of the C.W. Woods Art Gallery, which was started in 1977.  The Art Museum displays photographs, sculptures, and drawings alike.  In addition, more contemporary artworks have recently been added to the art exhibitions, including video and audio installation.
            The Museum of Art is located on the Second Floor of the Fine Arts Building, between the Marsh Auditorium and the Mannoni Performing Arts Center.  Metered parking is located out front, so that it is easily accessible for guests and students alike.  On top of the, entry to the Southern Miss Art Museum is FREE, so all students should stop by sometime or another to support their peers and professors in their artistic endeavors.

Meagan. Jaggers